24 hours and 2 pounds…

Yesterday was – CRAP, but today is YIPEE! Maybe because it’s Friday or maybe because I was just “feeling” skinnier – I got on the scale.  I usually limit myself to this torture just one day a week, but I was feeling thin…SO glad I did.  What a great way to embrace the weekend and stay on point than with a 2 pound correction.  Not sure if it was laying off the Red Velvet cupcakes a true baking God made for us this week or getting out and walking with Princess and BB in the last 36 hours.  I’m sure my Dr would say a combination of the above and he would be correct!  But the Red Velvet cupcakes were worth it!

So I was inspired to walk by myself this morning – in the freezing cold.  No, seriously it was freezing cold!  Somewhere between 28-30 degrees.  But just like the other night it felt great MOVE! =) Plus it helped that I had a pretty good shuffle going on my phone – Zac Brown, Greatful Dead, Big & Rich, Jimmy…perfect tune for each stage of the walk because we have hills in our neighborhood – yuck! But I am sure my backside will look better in a few months for it! LOL  Big reason I wanted to walk this morning is to try out a few new Apps that were passed my way by an old Speedo friend – Terry at Friends Unltd.  The first was Lose it – very cool and easy to use.  You can scan the barcode to enter your meals into your log.  If it is a gadget I’m in! Gives you your daily calorie allowance and then deduct with each entry. You can add excercise also to get a good reading.  According to it I will reach my target goal in July of this year.  I’ll take that.  I will also keep you updated on how the app works as the days go on.  The other is Runkeeper – you can track your walk, run, hike, etc and listen to your ipod at the same time.  During my walk this morning it updated me with the time and distance – pretty cool, all while listening to my music.  Think I’m going to like this one!

So I guess my ramblings today are – keep moving, you can always get by with a little help from your friends, and it is SO much fun to learn how to do something new!  Get out there and move yourself to learn something new!!!

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Yep – crap…up 2 1/2 lbs from last week.  Not how I wanted to get this year started, but in my defense the Dr did put me on a 10 day steroid regime.  And I haven’t been drinking NEAR enough water.  I’ve been trying.  I’ve got my giant UGA cup on my desk.  Some days 32+ oz, some not so much.

But that is what changing your life is all about.  Acknowledging your shortcomings and making an effort to change.  Well I’m making the effort.  Walked 1.5 miles in the freezing cold with Michelle last night.  It felt great!  Cold thighs, but great mentally and physically!  Tonight even Brian has said he wants to walk with me.  That is a wonderful new years present.  Both of us need to move.

So this weeks goal – aside from losing the 2 1/2 from last week is to move 4-5 days of this week, not drink alcohol M-Thu and drink more water.  Next week – eat earlier.  Good to have goals..pick one or two yourself and make it part of your everyday.  It could be throwing all the junk mail as it comes in the house to drinking more water, going to sleep earlier, reading that book you’ve been wanting to – all of them make you feel better.  The big goal is to just step away from the fridge! LOL


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OK – I’ve enlisted 6 women that are involved in my life to hold me accountable. 

Tomorrow I start over – not totally over.  I’m still down 10+ lbs from 18 months ago.  But I can do better…we all can do better.  I propose we start with attainable goals.  Mine is to lose 5lbs.  Then another 5 lbs. and so on…The challege is to MOVE.  I can eat pretty healthy and follow the guidelines of Weight Watchers (just can’t afford WW right now).  Its the moving that will be the challenge.  Tues & Thurs I plan on being at the gym for 30-45 min each morning.  Yoga for sure on Friday and anything else will be a bonus – right now.

I’ve got to get moving and keep moving! I did so well skiing last year because of Pilates and Yoga/  Plus it sure did help keep my appetite at bay.  Thats the trick.  Idle hands work of the devil…food =) lol

So join me – lets all get moving this year.  We ain’t getting any younger – and Dr. Kroll just said “somebody asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up and he replied – very OLD”  Well if we want to be very old we have to get a move on it!

See you tomorrow!

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Surviving a 3 day weekend…

It’s ironic that you plot , plan and anticipate a 3 day weekend for weeks before.  Then by the time Sunday evening rolls around you are thinking – OMG – we still have another day! lol 

This Summer kick-off weekend was jammed packed.  We had Brian’s mother visiting from Ohio, the girls both moved up to new schools with awards ceremonies and we had a full crew on the boat each day.  Got to meet back up with all our “Lake Peeps” and opened another season of the “Redneck Yacht Club”!  Watkins, Larks and us…fun – fun – fun.  We’ve added some new faces just to keep the conversations interesting.

As part of the plotting and planning I tried to bring healthy snacks out on the lake.  I think I did a pretty good job.  Aldi’s had seedless watermelon/cantaloupe and pineapple on sale so we chopped those up and brought along my new favorite – Sabra humus.  Snyder’s stick pretzels or sliced cucumbers with humus = yum-O!  So since I did so well with food, beverages are a big challenge.  Brian is being so good – playing along with my WW and participating in both of us getting back on track.  Think we are both tired of being a shape that involves round!  The liquid portion of the weekend trying to go – adult beverage, water, adult beverage, water…think it was an adult beverage across the board this time – but I’m trying!  At least I’m trying to pick good mixers.  Diet Rasberry Lemonade, Crystal Lite, Powerade Zero, Blackcherry Fresca…it’s a work in progress.  Anyone have any suggestions or summer tips – LMK!

Gay and I are going to go on a short paddle on Thursday which means no talking to anyone we meet…this is going to be HARD!  We are plotting our longest voyage yet for Friday – to the waterfalls!  Leaving early and literally packing a lunch!  Watch for smoke signals, we might call for a Waverunner to come get us home!  But it will be a beautiful ride – that is what life is supposed to be, a beautiful ride…go find your beautiful ride…it’s hiding behind, kids, work and life! =)

p.s. Aldi’s has a spray sunscreen for a good price – skip it.  Get the $5 Walmart spray…I’ve got the accentuated “tan” lines to prove it!

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Well I am still living off of the 5lb weight loss high from yesterday.  My kayaking partner couldn’t make it this morning and somehow I found the will to live/paddle by myself.  It was worth the effort.  My arms are kind of sore now, but it’s that famous “good sore”!  Who came up with a good sore?  Your sore or you’re not.  Anyway I think I’m more sore because I paddled pretty much steady for 40 minutes.  Gay and I are more social paddlers when we go.  If we see someone working on the shore or a dock, fisherman, boaters – pretty much anyone who will hold still – we’ll stop and talk =)  Takes longer but it’s always a fun journey – you never know who you are going to meet!  

I’m getting ready for the 3 day weekend.  I found a Thai veggie salad to bring for Saturday that is mayo free and super low in calories, thinking of doing Turkey burgers or salmon burgers for Saturday night.  I’ve got my humus, pretzels, cucumbers, multi grain wheat thins for snacks – ready for some sun!  I’ll worry about Sunday/Monday’s menus tomorrow.  If you live in the South, a little Scarlett will come out sooner or later!

Please remember what Memorial Day is for – remembering our service men and women who gave all for our freedom.  We all know someone who is or has been in the Gulf Wars – pray for their safety and quick return….God Bless America!


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It’s a beautiful day!

It’s amazing what a little “atta boy” will do for you!  I woke up and made it a point to go to WW today.  My scale said I should have lost 2-3 lbs – but Oh Happy Day, their’s said 5!!!!!!!!!  My cloths instantly felt bigger, my stomach smaller and my outlook on life sunnier!  Apparently it doesn’t take much. 

Weight has always been an issue for me.  Growing up outside of LA – lots of the people who worked behind the scenes in the Industry lived by me.  The entertainment business is King out there.  And it helps to look the part whether your part of it or not.  Self esteem was at a premium back then and I was short on it big time.  I guess we are in adulthood sometimes too.   Looking back at photos of Dana and I at the lake and beach – I should be so skinny now.  But in LA then – my size 6/8 was HUGE!  I’ve made it through a lot in my 47 years.  Yep 47…had a lot of trouble last year remembering exactly how old I was…more like I just don’t care anymore.  How is it that you can just be happy with the age you are – but not with the number on the scale?  Hhhhmmmm….

So now I am trying to focus on changing my habits for the better.  Eating, friendship, relationships – I want it all!  and a smaller number on the scale! lol

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